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Accept the 5-day leadership challenge. I dare you, 


Welcome to Transformatonal Life Center

            Hello and welcome to the beginning of a life-changing process

of success. We want to help you to achieve transformation that will

lead you to your destination.  Earl Bennett, Published Author, Leadership Expert, Speaker, Life and business coach, has over 30 years of experience in helping

people and businesses. We desire to help you or your business paint today your masterpiece for tomorrow. Your destiny awaits   you; Don't keep it waiting

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"Earl's leadership has been impeccable."

         Cory Crosnoe

     Jr. High Principal 

"I knew his knowledge and information was going to be incredible,
I did not realize  how much it would change me. "

               Lois Long

 SE MissouriReal-estate

Mastermind Group Classes


A Mastermind Mind group is a “meeting of the minds” in every sense – a place where you can speak the truth and expect it in return.



Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Today Matters

Developing The Leaders Around You

Leadership Gold

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Becoming A Person Of Influence

15 Laws Of Growth

Change Your World

Leading Through Crises

Developing an Attitude that attracts success

Think and grow Rich

Sometimes you win and Sometimes you learn

360 degree leader

Many more topics as well

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

     This is a fun way to increase team building and a fun way to increase knowledge and wisdom. If you want to increase yourself or your business by up to 900% then this is one of your greatest investments you can make! Imagine yourself and your business with people around you that are problem solvers, conflict resolutioners, people who love seeing others succeed, contentment that exceeds your greatest imagination! This is what MASTERMIND GROUPS are all about!

This is an incredible opportunity for you and/or your business.

You can join for as low as $37.50 per week for 8 weeks of transformational growth. 

Lunch and Learns

We will be glad to come to your place of business during lunch breaks. This is where you get to eat while you're learning. We will create a session that will meet your objectives. We have ready made material that you can choose from as well.



Half day workshops

Full day workshops

Our workshops are for 3 hours for either morning or afternoon. You will learn life-long leadership principles from our leadership experts.

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Leadership Games

This is a fun way to increase team building and a fun way to increase knowledge and awareness. GREAT INVESTMENT!

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More informarion
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Life Coaching


Business Coaching

Earl Bennett, owner, is John Maxwell certified in coaching. He has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the practical steps to be successful. He cares about your success personally and professionally. He can help your business gain up to a 45% increase in profit.

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