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Recommended books, recorded messages, audio CD’s

We have put together a list of recommended books, recorded messages, and audio CD's for anyone looking for additional perspective and learning.  This list is just a small piece of the large number of potential resources available to help you along your journey, but a great place to start in establishing a well-rounded foundation.


Journaling is a simple and easy way to grow in our relationships with Jesus Christ.  

The main idea is to develop a healthy habit of spending time daily with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Following a reading plan is an important way to develop accountability, discipline, and systematic instruction in God's Word.  As you mark off each day of reading, you will read through the Bible once each year, and through the New Testament twice.

Independent "Sponge" Groups

Time to get saturated!   


Sponge groups are a group of people who gather together, to reach out and share the love of Christ in our communities.  We build lifelong relationships, cultivating an environment everyone matters, where prayers are given and received, and where love and fellowship overflows.   These groups are independent of denominational ties, but dependent on one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.   We seek to deepen our understanding of our Creator through focused Bible study and fellowship. The ultimate purpose of these groups is to grow in relationship with each other and with God our Creator. 


We have an historic cabin from the late 1800's on a private setting in southern Missouri that serves as an amazing location for your special day.

We can provide a Pastor to perform your wedding as well as pastoral counsel on marriage all at no charge. 

We would love to serve you in this area and would love to be a part of your special day.




We welcome the opportunity to serve you by offering water baptism.


If you would like to openly express your commitment to God by being baptized in water, we would be honored to be a part of your decision. 

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and build relationships that will strengthen your personal and spiritual life. 

Our staff is here to serve the disciples of our Lord and Savior .

Sunday Worship

We hold worship services every Monday Evening at 7:30 P.M. We would love to share with you our love for Christ and to help you accomplish all of the dreams and vision God has placed within your heart. We are here to serve you and look forward to building lifelong relationships by showing our care and compassion to one another.


The Saturation Center

181 Lillie KayeAnn Drive

Jackson, MO 63755



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